Gilesa Thomas

Digital Marketer, Event Planner, Vocal Work

I have several years of marketing under my belt both in a pre and post college experience. My specialty is SEO, social, and analytics. I am able to provide actionable SEO recommendations as well as audit site performance and goals. My love for and background in numbers allow me to critically analyze the data and provide creative next steps.

My organizational skills and weird obsession for Microsoft Excel, allow me to provide assistance in this area, but more specifically I can leverage this ability for event planning.

Additionally, I provide voice work. I have previous experience as an on-air DJ for 88.9 WERS FM radio and many years of professional on and off stage performing arts experience. In July, Jade and I will be releasing a biweekly podcast.

In my spare time I enjoy competing in roller derby, playing video games, and frequenting concerts.